943806-900 Nike Kyrie 4 “Confetti” Multi-Color Shoes

943806-900 Nike Kyrie 4 "Confetti" Multi-Color Shoes
Now that Kyrie Irving has said goodbye to his third sneaker, Nike is preparing for the release of the next model in his signature line this coming weekend. First up is the Nike Kyrie 4 “Confetti”, the colorful pair pictured above.
Cheap Nike Kyrie 4 Multi-Color
As the confetti rained down on Kyrie’s shoulders at the conclusion of last year’s Finals, he didn’t feel a sense of elation and joy like he did in 2016. To this day, he carries around a piece of the confetti from the postgame celebration as a constant reminder of what it took to get to the Finals, and how it felt to fall short of the goal.
Confetti Nike Kyrie 4
Nike Kyrie 4 “Confetti” honors Kyrie’s win-or-learn mentality and the memento that reminds him of the incredible experience he can learn from.
Cheap Confetti Kyrie 4 Multi-Color

Multi-Color Nike Kyrie 4 Confetti

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